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There are many reasons for you to sign up for our introductory course. First of all, learning Vedic palmistry will dramatically improve your life by expanding your horizons and giving you greater insight into yourself and others. Or perhaps you want to earn a diploma and begin a career as a professional palmist-this course is the first step in that direction. Or maybe you're simply curious about this fascinating, 5,000-year-old science, or you might just want to have a bit of fun discovering how to read the palms of your family and friends. Whatever your reasons for enrolling, Introduction to Vedic Palmistry will set you on a journey of self-discovery that will profoundly enrich your life and bring you greater happiness and joy.

This course will cover the fundamentals of Vedic palmistry:

  • Vedic palmistry's connection to the sciences of Vedic astrology and yoga;
  • the role of the major lines of heart, head and life;
  • the significance of the minor lines, such as the destiny line and the marriage line;
  • the life-changing power contained within "the mounts"-the astrological zones of the hand;
  • the "seven hand types" and how they reflect different personalities;
  • the importance of the thumb, fingers and fingernails;
  • the differences between our two hands, one of which represents our conscious mind and the other our subconscious.

You will learn how to balance the energy within your palm to improve everything in your life, from your moods to your mental clarity to your relationships and your career.

What You Get When You Enroll:

A 280-page downloadable PDF book

Online classroom videos and quizzes

Dozens of illustrations and actual handprints

Glossary of terms

Video instructions on how to take handprints correctly

Complementary online tutoring

Access to private coaching at a discounted student rate

An optional final exam to assess your knowledge and test your skill

An Introduction to Vedic Palmistry Certificate of Completion

Consultation - hands-4 (2)

Student Testimonials

"Vedic palmistry has literally changed my life. I am now dedicated to spreading the word about how the study of palmistry can transform us and help us become healthier, happier and more balanced human beings."

J.C., Portland, Oregon

"The personal insights I have gained through studying palmistry have given me much greater self-understanding. Even my friends and associates have begun to notice the 'new me'. I have begun to successfully apply some of the underlying principles of palmistry in my interactions with my patients as well as my friends. Palmistry has improved both my personal and professional life."

Dr. G.S., MD, psychiatrist, Baltimore, Maryland

"Learning palmistry has been essential to my self-discovery and my understanding of human nature. Now, whenever I lead or motivate a group, present a seminar or give private counseling, I can share with others the same wonderful insights that helped improve my life through palmistry."

F.H., Translator and Toastmaster, Toronto, Canada

"Palmistry has been a great source of inspiration, both in my personal and professional life. It has taught me how to aim towards a balance in body, mind and soul. This science helped me discover what I am supposed to learn in this life, which is to ultimately find inner peace. I am now very conscious of incorporating the qualities of tolerance and non-judgmental behavior in my everyday living."

J.P., Civil Servant, Montreal, Canada

"I discovered palmistry and astrology in 1995. I remember how surprised and deeply touched I was, both by the accuracy of my reading, but also by the compassion in which the information was conveyed to me. Palmistry and astrology have been a part of my life ever since. Personally and professionally, they are important tools that help us to develop empathy towards others."

I.B., Nurse, Massage therapist, Victoriaville, Canada

"'The blossoming of a lotus flower,' this is what Vedic palmistry and astrology courses have done for my personal and professional life. They have helped me open up, release emotions and provide answers to current and age-old questions and come to terms with difficult issues and experiences. It has allowed me to look deeper into myself, becoming aware of and more appreciative of the true fragrance of life. My deepest appreciation and love to Ghanshyamji Birla and the crew of the Birla Vedic Palmistry Center. Thank you."

Dr. Z. M., A.P., OMD, DNBHE, Miami, Florida

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